Shooting with a 15 year old DSLR

At one time, the Nikon D1X was the height of DSLR technology. That time, however, was in the early 2000’s. Here in 2016, we’re use to all kinds of fancy features like insane autofocus systems and sky-high ISO limits. So, what is it like to shoot with an old Nikon D1X here in 2016? Jared Polin—also known as Fro—decided to find out when a reader challenged him to do just that.

The session takes place in an auto garage that actually looks like a pretty fantastic space for some environmental portraits. there are lots of cool details and there’s interesting light to be found.

So, what is it like to shoot with an old DSLR? Well, it’s not all that different from shooting with a modern body. There are some obvious limitations like smaller file size and tougher low-light performance, but overall, you can make it work if you know what you’re doing.

The video itself is very long, but it actually gives some pretty nice insight into Jared’s process for putting on a portrait session like this, moving from setting to setting.