kodak dslr pong

No scenario lives up to the old phrase “hurry up and wait” better than a professional photo shoot, which may have been why Kodak thought it was a good idea to include a rudimentary video game in the software that came on their early DSLRs.

The Youtube description offers a list of cameras that included the free Pong utility, as well as some that included a “sliding block game.” Having used a couple of those old school Kodak bodies, I’m a little disappointed I wasn’t aware of their hidden time-wasting capabilities.

While the idea of playing Pong on a modern DSLR seems kind of outrageous, it seems like the kind of thing that will fit right into the crazy world of compact cameras where feature-lists are growing all the time. Only, the technology is way better now, so I’m fully expecting a compact that plays Super Mario Bros. at the next big trade show.