How do camera sensors work?

Sometimes I catch myself taking my camera for granted. On a fundamental level, I know how it works, but some of the things a modern camera can accomplish are truly amazing if you step back and consider the actual technology involved. This 13-minute video does a great job explaining the nitty-gritty technical bits about what goes on when a camera’s sensor operates.

To be fair, there’s a fair bit of very technical information in the video, but it’s presented in a way that even my internet-ruined attention span was able to keep with it.

I know things like this aren’t always as exciting as learning a new lighting technique or reading about a fancy new piece of camera gear, but I have really found that having a deeper understanding of what’s going on inside the camera can change the way I think about actually using the thing.

It’s also got a lot of fancy technical words you can use to sound really smart when you’re arguing with other photographers on the internet. You can say things like, “Sir, have you even considered the diodes? I think not!”