Mastin Film shirt
Mastin film T-shirt
The coolest photo-related T-shirt in the land Mastin Labs

As someone who looks at photography stuff all day, every day, Facebook often recommends that I check out super-cheesy novelty T-shirts like the one pictured below.

Jeep Photography Shirt

I’m not exactly a fashion snob, but I really can’t get onboard with novelty shirts like that. However, the Mastin Labs T-shirt is something I can really get behind.

The Helvetica list is a throwback to a design originally done for a Beatles shirt that said “John & Paul & Ringo & George.” The design has since been borrowed by countless other bands and brands. The Mastin version replaces the Beatle names with well-known photographic film stocks.

Yes, some people will consider you a hipster for wearing a designy shirt with the names of films on them, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay. And hey, at least I’m not wearing one of these.

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