Classic Leica Auction
Westlicht camera auction Leica rifle camera
The RITEL Leica with a 400mm lens is estimated to fetch up to $225,000. WestLicht

The world of classic cameras can be a fascinating—and expensive one—and the WestLicht auctions always have some interesting pieces up for bid. This time, one of the marquee pieces is a RITEL camera setup that’s literally built like a rifle.

The RITEL comes with a 400mm (40cm) lens and the whole setup is mounted to a genuine rifle stock with a trigger. There appears to be a mirror box attached between the lens and the Leica camera body itself so you can see through the lens with that extended eye piece. The trigger pushes a mechanical plunger, which is then split into two cables, one to flip up the mirror and the other to fire the actual shutter so light can get at the film. It actually seems like a pretty elegant solution. The auction is estimated to land somewhere between $190,000 and $225,000. It’s not something I would be eager to use out in the world today, however.

Leica Rifle Camera Auction
This RITOO set, with a 200mm Telyt lens is expected to fetch up to $200,000. WestLicht

There’s another version of the rifle camera up for auction as well, a RITOO with a 20cm Telyt lens, which is expected to come in a little cheaper between $165,000 and $200,000.

In addition to the rifle-style cameras, there are a couple other gems in the collection:

Classic Leica Auction Prototype
This prototype Leica M-A camera with external light meter is from an edition of 25 and comes with a silver Leica Noctilux-M 50 mm f/0.95 ASPH. The hammertone finish looks rather fantastic. The auction estimate is between $17,500 and $22,000. WestLicht
Classic Leica Auction
This classic M3 belonged to German Magnum photographer Herbert List. It’s the rare black paint version (only roughly 90 of them were made) and it comes with all that sweet brassing, which earns any photographer instant street cred. WestLicht

The auction takes place on November 19th if you happen to win the lottery between now and then.