Grammy Awards Trophy Camera
Grammy Awards Trophy Camera

As you probably know by now, it’s possible to put a GoPro camera into or onto just about anything. For this year’s Grammy awards, there will actually be a GoPro camera built into the base of the trophy that the musicians will be receiving on-stage.

The organizers actually worked with GoPro in order to work up a custom solution including GoPro’s HeroCast technology to create a statue camera that will be able to beam a live broadcast from the base of the award onto the show’s live internet stream. Chances are some of the footage may make it onto the main show as well, assuming it comes out compelling enough to watch.

As the Fast Company article explains, the show uses a trophy system where winners are presented with a symbolic trophy to hold on stage and in pictures, only to receive their actual engraved trophies at a later time. So, each winner will get their time with the camera trophy before having to give it up.

It will be interesting to see what kind of footage the thing actually turns up. Seems like it could be really interesting or it could be a lot of shots where your favorite artist covers the camera with his or her hand and you get a blurry or black screen.

Next year, they may need to do something to top it, like actually make all the stars in attendance wear streaming GoPros or just replace all of popular music with robots whose electronic eyes can stream live video directly onto the web. Oddly, I’m not sure a lot of people would notice.

From: Fast Company