Tamrac Goblin Camera Gear Pouches

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Tamrac Goblin Camera Gear Pouches
A lens pouch next to one of the accessory pouches Tamrac

When you drag gear out into the wilderness, a good camera bag makes a huge difference, but a little extra protection is almost never a bad thing. That’s the idea behind Tamrac’s Goblin series pouches. They don’t offer heavy duty protection on their own, but they’re an extra light-weight barrier between gear and the elements.

The outer part of the Goblin pouches is made from ripstop nylon, which should be very familiar if you use Tamrac bags already. The inside is made from “ultrasonically fused, quilted” materials that’s thin, but they claim protective in nature.

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Tamrac Goblin Camera Gear Pouches
The pouches come in blue, green, and red, which could actually allow you to use different colors and quickly identify similar-looking lenses in a camera bag. Tamrac

The pouches are available for a variety of different cameras, lenses, and accessories. Prices range from $13 for the smallest lens pouch, up to $25 for the biggest accessory pouch.

The pouches come in three different colors, all of which I find to be more attractive than the typical first-party lens pouches that typically come with lenses. It’s smart to make them brightly-colored, because you don’t want to misplace a pricy lens in a black or grey lens pouch when you’re out in the woods.