Software company GhostBird has made itself a reputation for making apps that have powerful editing tools like layers and curves, even on a relatively restrained platform like iOS. Both KitCam and PhotoForge are widely used and popular mobile photo tools. Now Ghostbird has been acquired by Yahoo!, and those apps will be no more.

On an announcement on its website, GhostBird says they’ve been picked up by Yahoo! as part of the Flickr team. While we’re not sure what exactly GhostBird will be doing there, it means the end of the company’s current software:

It would make sense for Flickr to put GhostBird’s expertise towards beefing up the image editing tools for Flickr, or else putting even more effort into the Flickr mobile apps — possibly even both. But I guess from here, we’ll just have to wait and see what Yahoo! does with this new team.

[via The Verge]