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Finding the right photo album depends heavily on what you want to do with it. Fervent photographers will need lots of storage space, complete with acid-free protective pages that won’t degrade photos over time. Family photographers may prefer a large, decorative book they can pull out to entertain guests, while young shooters may want something more portable that will allow them to store an assortment of mementos. Buying a photo album online can be tricky—display photos don’t often give you a realistic sense of size or storage capacity. Here’s our guide to picking the right one for you.

  • While a giant photo album might look nice and important, there’s really no need for one when you’re first starting out. If you’re a college student or young professional, you may be dealing with limited living space or often be on the move. Look for a photo album that has acid-free pages that won’t damage your photos. This is an investment in your work and your memories, so protect them.
  • A photo album is great for kids and teenagers, especially when they accommodate clippings and art. It gives them a place to store their Polaroids or other instant pictures, along with awards, citations, and letters. Look for acid-free, self-adhesive pages that don’t limit storage options while simultaneously protecting photos and clips.
  • If you’ve already amassed a collection of photos, you’ll want to look for a large and sturdy album that will keep your memories protected for years. While a portable scrapbook-style album might function as a notebook or diary of sorts, this album will be your hardcover novel. So make sure the spine is reinforced and that pages are acid-free and offer real protection from dust or the occasional coffee spill. This is something you’ll have for the long haul, so make sure it will last.

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