If you’ve ever (politely) pushed your way to the front of the crowd at a concert, there’s a chance you’ve safely stepped on cables fastened and concealed by gaffer tape. Originally named after film crew lighting technicians, gaffer tape is a heavy, tightly woven, vinyl coated cotton cloth tape with a matte finish designed with adhesive that removes easily and doesn’t leave residue. Unlike duct tape, it can be torn into pieces with straight lines using only your hands and can withstand temperatures as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for working quickly on production sets with professional lighting equipment. Plus, its moisture-resistant properties make it usable in humid conditions. Here are our go-to gaffer tapes and tips.

  • Consider the size of the area or object you want to tape. Gaffer tape is available in widths from a quarter inch (6 mm) to four inches (102 mm), with 1 inch (25 mm) and 2 inch (51 mm) tapes being the most common. It can also be easily ripped into narrower strips by hand if needed.
  • Although black gaffer tape is most popular, there are a plethora of color options so you can color code, label, and clearly identify equipment cases, luggage, boxes, and more. Bright neon tapes are also visible when lit under blacklight, perfect for theatre productions, concerts, and more.
  • Everyone likes a long lasting roll of tape, which is why you should consider the length of the gaffer tape you buy. The average roll of gaffer tape unravels to a total of 30 yards, or 90 feet. Some rolls even extend as far as 60 yards (180 feet!) lasting you a very long while.

Our Picks for the Best Gaffer Tape on Amazon

Top pick: Shurtape P- 628 Professional Grade, Coated Gaffer’s Tape

Powerful Hold

Offers high conformability and tensile strength. Removes cleanly from most surfaces for up to three weeks. Shurtape

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Most colorful: Gaffer Power Gaffers Tape

Fun and Fluorescent

This professional grade product comes in a rainbow of bold hues, is great for DIY projects, and fun for parties, too. Gaffer Power

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Most versatile: XFasten Gaffer Tape Pro

Stealthy and Non-Reflective

An industry standard option that is essential for both careered and budding filmmakers and creatives. Made in collaboration with content creators.

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Also consider: Gaffer Power Premium Grade Gaffer Tape

More Than 20 Colors and Patterns

Easy to rip option that also comes in a 25-yard length. Great for tearing into strips of different widths. Shurtape

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