Sure, humans can crack a good joke—but when it comes to situational irony, animals have us beat. The wacky things they do outside our purview look even wackier when snapped out of context. Such is the foundation for the The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, founded by two Tanzania-based conservationists.

The annual contest aims to save wildlife through humor, and sometimes, a little too much exposure. This year’s winners included the usual suspects: penguins, squirrels, and mammals that infringe on others’ personal space. But there’s also a boatload of surprises, including the most out chilled-out chimpanzee and a barely-there denizen of the forest. With birds, megafauna, and plants all covered (Team Fish, where you at?), the winners share a wide—and wild—sample of animal behaviors that might even make David Attenborough raise an eyebrow. We’ll let the creature comedians take it from here.