Motion blur gallery

Pan Blur #2

This is my second pan blur, using the same technique as the first. The photo was captured in a garden. CAMERA: Canon 1D Mark IV FOCAL LENGTH: 40mm SHUTTER SPEED: 1/2.5 LENS: 24-105 ISO: 100 APERTURE (F-STOP): 13

Ride the clouds

This is a photo that I shot two years ago in Puglia, while a windsurfer was training. CAMERA: Canon 7D FOCAL LENGTH: 105mm SHUTTER SPEED: 1/25 LENS: Canon 24-105 f/4 USM ISO: 100 APERTURE (F-STOP): f/16

Leo Carrillo State Beach

Receding water creates an interesting effect around a rock at Leo Carrillo State Beach near Malibu, CA. CAMERA: Canon 5D Mark II FOCAL LENGTH: 17mm SHUTTER SPEED: 1/6″ LENS: Canon 17-40mm f/4L ISO: 100 APERTURE (F-STOP): f/16

“Mystiek Danspartij”

Creating motion, zoomed out on subject, while clicking the shutter, zooming in, and twisting the camera 90+ degrees I captured the ancient oak tree in a “Mystical Dance” CAMERA: Canon 60D FOCAL LENGTH: 154 SHUTTER SPEED: 100 LENS: Tamron 70-300 ISO: 100 APERTURE (F-STOP): f-22