This image was for one of our HD 3D Lenticular cards. In order to create the depth, I needed to make sure there were numerous layers within the image. Toby Shingleton
A good example of some of the crazy requests I get, a nun riding a mechanical bull. Toby Shingleton
When shooting wedding or romantic images I always try to cast a real life couple. This couple found out they were having twins an hour before the shoot. Toby Shingleton
This is a good example of a lifestyle shot. It has the emotion I’m looking for without feeling too staged. Toby Shingleton
Floral images are a staple in greeting cards but I always try to look for ways to create fresh looks. Toby Shingleton
Working with animals requires patience but if you wait long enough you always get the shot. Toby Shingleton
Babies are fun to photograph, I always make sure to create an environment that makes them feel secure. Toby Shingleton
Last year I got to go to Glacier and Banff national parks to shoot winter scenics. This one literally took my breath away. Toby Shingleton
This is a shot I’ve always wanted to get and was finally able to while on my national parks trip. Toby Shingleton
A lot of attention is paid to color palettes, for this particular shoot we had a number of dresses specially made. Toby Shingleton
They say to never work with children or animals. It’s something I do on a fairly regular basis. Toby Shingleton
I often try to keep models unrecognizable, which isn’t always easy when you are trying to convey an emotional connection. Toby Shingleton
For this shoot I spent most of the day in a wetsuit trying to catch the last glow of Summer before Fall set in. Toby Shingleton
Capturing that spontaneous moment often means numerous takes, these kids got a workout that day. Toby Shingleton
A different take on the traditional wedding image. Toby Shingleton