Meet The Mentors 17
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NYIP Mentor Tim Pannell has been a successful commercial photographer for more than 20 years, specializing in studio and on-location shooting for the ad industry. He focuses on lifestyle, sports, and business imagery for household name clients like Reebok, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, AT&T, and Wells Fargo. Acclaimed for his creative vision, positive energy and the uncanny ability to get people to “be themselves” in front of his camera, he creates iconic images that capture true emotions and convey clear powerful messages

Pannell first became fascinated with photography as a teenager in Willow Grove, PA and he worked in a local camera store, but his goal was becoming an architect. His plans changed abruptly with the untimely death of his sister. Determined to “enjoy the ride rather than just focusing on the destination” he quit school and opened a studio in 1985. After moving to Arizona he assisted an accomplished photographer whose work was on his wavelength and finally went out on his own in 1990.

Tim Pannell

“Primarily I shoot relationships, and I tend to see the world through rose colored glasses,” says Pannell. “I like to create images of people who are happy, and enjoying life in the company of other people. My images are based on participation and connections, and people hire me for the upbeat way I see things. Of course technical mastery of lighting and composition are also essential. I love light and I’m always trying to mimic natural light even in the studio. For me being an NYIP Mentor is a way of giving back, sharing information with emerging photographers.”

“Nobody Does It Alone is definitely the most important Habit that’s enabled me to be successful both as a pro photographer and as a person,” Pannell observes. “And for me that means surrounding myself


with quality people from reps to assistants, producers, stylists and make-up artists. I run my business in a way that attracts the right people and fosters relationships. They’re my second family, and I hire people not only for their technical competence but their ability to get along with others. When we’re on the set, it’s essential to have a loose fun-loving atmosphere, one that’s based on mutual respect and admiration and creating a genuine team spirit. Empowering those you work with so we can grow and learn together is a powerful message that’s at the heart of the NYIP program.”

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