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Super Blood Moon Rising Over Santa Fe, NM. Taken With A 5D Mkii – 70-200mm Lens. F8, 1/100s, ISO 640. Very Minimal Editing. All I Did To Edit This Is Bring Up The Contrast A Bit Because The 5D Shoots A Little Flat. The Weather Was Gorgeous And We Got A Clear View Of The Eclipse Through Out Its Cycle.
Taken This Morning Around 8AM Just Before It Disappears, The Moon Flew Over Our Town Hall Where Sits A Mermaid Called Melusine … The City Is Called Bailleul At The Very North Of France, Taken With A Canon EOS1 DX And A 70-200 Canon 2,8 II L Hand Held, Hope You’ll Like It !! Regards, Guillaume Guillaume d’Hubert
Foto: Karol “Tarakum Photography” Makurat Lunar Eclipse 2015 # SuperBloodMoon Eclipse Seen From The Pier In Sopot. Conditions Were Tough, Every Now And Then The Clouds And The Moon Became As Red Is For 5 Minutes, A Moment Later, He Disappeared For Good Behind The Clouds. Therefore, I Caught Only Half Of This Wonderful Event. Of Course, Not Without Its Interference In The Pictures. Here We Have 9 Images That Make Up The Skyline Of Moles (Waterfront) Sopot And 12 Images Long Lens (Pentacon 200mm F / 4.0) Respectively Plus To Get A Better Effect. The Whole Gave Me An Image Size Of 8K (7680 X 4320). Version FULL HD: Http://Tiny.Cc/Camz3x Nikon D80, Tamron 28-75 F / 2.8, Pentacon 200mm F / 4.0 Karol Makurat
Taken In Duluth MN ISO 400 Sigma 70-300 At 135mm F5.6@1/25sec Michael Dodd
The Rising Of The Moon Above The Town Of Boucherville, Quebec. Bernard Brault
What Fun This Was! This Photo Was Taken At 11:02pm On September 27,2015 In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Camera: Canon 6D: Canon 100-400mm Lens At 400mm: F/11, 1/2 Sec, ISO 1600 Paula Brown
Photo Taken In Phoenix AZ At Moon Rise And Sun Set…. Canon D6 With 100-400mm And 2X Converter. Meta Data Included With Photo. 🙂 RP Ray Pfeiffer
Full Moon And Geese Over South Hero,Vermont Rob Swanson
This Image Was A Combination Of Research, Planning, A Bit Of Luck, And Sheer Perseverence: I Don’t Have A Long Zoom Lens, So I Knew I Would Rather Get A Landscape Compositional Shot For The Lunar Eclipse. Initially Scouting Many Locations Closer To Home, I Decided Almost At The Last Minute That A Blood-Red Moon Might Look Best Against The Red Rocks Of Sedona. I Began Researching Possible Vantage Points And Drove There The Day Before To Scout Locations In Person And Watch The Moon Rise To Get A Sense Of What It Might Look Like On The Day Of. When I Arrived That Next Evening, A Few Other Photographers Were Also Climbing The Hills Around This Area, But Most Went Further And Higher Up, Knowing They Would Get A Better, Earlier View Of The Progression Of The Eclipse. My Location, I Knew, Was Chancing It All Because According To My Research And Calculations, The Moon Would Not Be Fully Visible Until Almost Fully Eclipsed. But That Blood Red Moon Is What I Wanted To Fit In The Frame Of My Humble Mini-Zoom Lens. However, If It Were Too Late, It Would Lose The Blood Red Color And Become Just A Very Dull, Difficult-To-Photograph Faint Moon. As It Became Darker, I Started To Second Guess Everything And A Slight Panic Settled In. But Then, Suddenly, A Very Faint But Colorful Moon Rose Exactly Where I Had Hoped– Just Above Part Of Cathedral Rocks. Theresa Rose Ditson
Series Of Photos Taken In Quito, Ecuador. Gear: Canon D70 With Sigma 70-200mm 2.8 At 200mm Shots: Before And After Full Blood Moon : F/10 , 1/200s, ISO 200 Full Blood Moon : F/8, 4.0s, ISO 200 Wilfredo Enriquez
Taken just after moonrise on the Milwaukee Lakeshore. ISO 160 300mm F/11 1/45s Thalia Haseotes

Earlier this week, your social media feeds were likely flooded with people attempting to capture the #SuperBloodMoon eclipse with their smartphone camera. Most of those photos didn’t turn out so great. However, we know there was an army of photo nerds out there with their cameras pointed skyward and we wanted to share some of their great photos with the world. So, above is a small gallery of excellent #SuperBloodMoon photos that go far beyond simple social media snapshots.

Our overall winner Martha Mills got her shot in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

And just because the #SuperBloodMoon is over, doesn’t mean you can’t get great moon photos. Here’s a great tutorial on how to get epic moon shots any time of the year.