Shots On Stone Analog Photo Prints On Stone Slabs

While most of us view the majority of the images we see on a screen of some kind, it’s actually a pretty excellent time to make photo prints. There are tons of labs and different presentation options out there to choose from. Now, a Kickstarter project called Shots/onStone aims to provide prints made with real photo chemicals directly onto slabs of stone.

There are other stone prints out there, but it’s not often you see someone doing it using a truly analog process. The stone slabs use contact printing, which involves a rather laborious process that includes the creation of a full-sized negative, a darkroom, and several different chemical applications. Each stone is also UV coated to make it resistant to deterioration.

Shots On Stone Analog Photo Prints On Stone Slabs
An example of an image printed onto the stone. Kickstarter

There are several artist editions offered as backing rewards, but the service will also be offering limited custom prints, so you can have your own photo committed to stone if you’re willing to spend the money.

This is the kind of thing that I personally love to see on Kickstarter because it’s truly unique and otherwise may not be able to exist because the process is so costly and time-consuming. It also makes me want to get some emulsion and go make photos on weird surfaces just because it’s possible.