Sandisk 1TB Extreme Pro Memory Card

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Sandisk 1 TB Extreme Pro SD Memory Card
Little card with lots of storage. Sandisk

I was cleaning out my office the other day and ran across a small a collection of memory cards I haven’t used in a few years. There were a few 512 MB cards, as well as a few 128 MB cards. It’s a rather pathetic amount of storage, really, especially when you consider that Sandisk has just announced a card with a full terabyte of storage.

The SanDisk 1TB SDXC is clearly aimed at the high-res shooting crowd, which seems to be one of the big trends here at Photokina 2016. With the Sony A99 turning out 12 42.4-megapixel raw files each second and the Panasonic GH5 promising to offer 6K video when it debuts next year, storage is clearly going to important and in-demand.

We haven’t seen any official pricing information just yet, but all that space will likely cost you, as is usually the case with the top capacity card.