Rogue Indicator Battery Pouch
Rogue Indicator Battery Pouch
The red/green indicators are used to keep track of which batteries are still good Rogue

For many wedding and event photographers, rechargeable AA batteries are a way of life. The problematic part is that they all look so much alike, so it can be hard to keep track of which batteries are full of juice and which ones are kicked. The Rogue Indicator Pouch holds up to eight AA batteries (in sets of four) and includes a red/green indicator so you can immediately tell which batteries are ready to go.

The pouch can also hold 12 AAA or four 9v batteries if you’re shooting video. It’s made of heavy, tough fabric and has adjustable straps so you can hang it from a stand or even a camera bag strap.

I typically put my batteries back in my pouch upside down when they’re kicked, and that works fine, but there have been times when I have forgotten to do it. And when you’re in the high-pressure wedding environment, making things as simple and quick as possible is always valuable.

The pouch is $10 directly from Rogue at the time of this writing, which is down from the $15 normal price.