Light and Motion Stella 10000c spLED
Light and Motion

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Sick of shelling out big bucks for expensive bulbs for your constant studio light? This latest offering from manufacturer Light and Motion, may be an investment up front, but its efficient LED design that may save time and money. Twenty-nine light emitting diodes are arranged in concentric circles inside the device to provide the appearance of a single light source, eliminating the strange shadows that can sometimes result from the more traditional grid layout of most LED hot lights. But don’t worry too much about its bare-bulb quality, the Pro 10000c is compatible with a number of softboxes and light modifiers from Chimera and Profoto.

Despite its small size—it fits in one hand—this little light can kick out up to 10,000 lumens and features continuous dimming down to 2500 lumens, all while maintaining a constant 5000K color temperature. Like traditional hot lamps of its size and shape, beam focus is also controllable, from a wide 120° all the way down to a narrow 25° for spotlighting.

With its high-octane output, the Pro 10000c seem intended for serious set use and is designed to stand up to the elements with water resistant construction. As its powerful beam would no doubt suck batteries dry quickly, this unit relies exclusively on external AC or DC power, so make sure you’ve got extension cords handy before plugging this one in.

A special 50° focusing optic, foldable barn doors, a handle and two mounting options are included with the purchase of this light, which, while commanding a $2,000 price tag, should prove to be a valuable and long-lasting member of any studio lighting kit.

Light and Motion Stella 10000c spLED
Light and Motion Stella 10000c spLED Light and Motion