Tyler Stableford


*Extreme Category Runner-Up**Title: *Scuba Diver And BelugaThis is a shot of a scuba diver with a Beluga whale in the White Sea in northern Russia.


*Extreme Category Runner-Up**Title:* Diving Under The IceThis scuba diver is under ice more than one meter thick in water that is -2°C.


*Extreme Category Runner-Up**Title:* Ice CaveThis scuba diver is passing inside a cave of ice in a mountain lake.


*Extreme Category Runner-Up**Title:* ShortcutGuerlain Chicherit, a four-time Freeride World Champion, is seen front flipping a huge open crevasse on a glacier. Shu had to climb down the crevasse secured with ropes and a harness to get this angle.


*Extreme Category Runner-Up**Title:* Hangin’ OutThis is a shot of Caroline George at Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT.


*Extreme Category Runner-Up**Title:* Mesquite ClimbingProfessional climber Chris Lindner makes his first ascent of a new route high in the mountains above Mesquite, NV.


*Extreme Category Runner-Up**Title:* Patagonia BasecampThis is a shot of Renan Ozturk near the end of an 8-hour hike into the Patagonia Range, Argentina. Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy, two of the ranges most famous peaks are visible on the left and right of the frame.


*Extreme Category Winner**Title:* Colorado Firefighter“I’ve been in a lot of extreme situations, but inhaling hot ash was a new experience for me,” says adventure photographer Tyler Stableford, who got this shot while tagging along with firefighters in western Colorado while they set a controlled burn to stave off wildfires in the area. Rarely do fire departments allow any journalists this close to the action, but the Colorado team made an exception for Stableford after he photographed them for an assignment the previous year. In the middle of the scorching scene, a fireman is turned into a painterly blur by the waves of heat, evoking a sense of heroism and focus on the flames that creates a feeling of fire that practically burns through the page.