Digital Railroad Launches Photo Marketplace

The public beta makes DRR member photos available to buyers, with advanced search functions and a range of licensing options.

The Web-based photo marketing and archiving service Digital Railroad has aggregated the images available in its individual member archives into a single channel with the launch of its Marketplace public beta. Photo buyers can register for free with the site and customize a "portable workspace" that provides access to both the Marketplace and individual archives of members. Digital Railroad's Marketplace currently hosts more than a million images, with a membership composed of individual photographers and more than 50 photo agencies.

Image pricing and licensing options provided by Marketplace include territory publishing for international buyers, customizable licensing that allows members to enter specific use information, and an Express Licensing option that follows the PLUS (Picture Licensing Universal System) Coalition's standard. Digital Railroad also supports negotiated pricing with an international sales team, and pays members a 2 percent referral fee when another photographer's image is referred to a buyer through an individual archive.

* Screenshot Gallery * Sample Member Photos

Buyers can search Marketplace for images by photographer, keyword, location, caption, licensing type, date range, release status, location, image size, orientation, and rating. Digital Railroad's new community rating system aims to improve search results by allowing photographers, agencies, and buyers to rate photographs, then combining ratings with search terms and other metrics to order search results. Buyers who wish to review particular types of images as they are added to Marketplace can set up keyword-defined RSS feeds.

Digital Railroad's corporate Web site has also been revamped, and includes two new blogs -- "Marketplace" and "Member Showcase" -- that highlight the work of member photographers. Marketplace Search Results for keyword 'Travel' deliver the most relevant images, including the buyer's community image ratings.

The Marketplace What's New page regularly features members who are submitting to the Marketplace. Marketplace Channels help you easily explore the newest and best images in Marketplace and automatically delivers them to Editorial, Creative, Entertainment and Travel channels.


Glacier Peak from meadows of Liberty Cap, Glacier Peak Wilderness Washington USA


Young village children playing and swimming in a beautiful lagoon. Near Morovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands