It is the best of times; it is the worst of times. Depends on who you ask.

Photography today often feels like a bundle of questions. Big, daunting questions. And at American Photo, we believe discussion is the best way to answer them. When we created our State of the Art blog last August, we saw it as a way to start important conversations about the industry — and we opened up our comments because we knew our readers could contribute valuable insights.

Today we are asking one reader to contribute even more: a guest post to our blog. Chase Jarvis is a versatile commercial photographer based in Seattle who runs his own very insightful blog, where he is cross-posting this entry. For the first installment of our guest blog, we asked him to look over the March/April issue of American Photo magazine (hitting newsstands today) and to create a post about something that piqued his interest. He honed in on the portrait feature, and wonders in writing when a portrait is “true” and when it is a kind of “PR for people.”

With each issue we will ask another photography luminary to page through a preview copy and to respond with a blog post. We hope their thoughts will in turn prompt you to add your comments to mix. The discussion starts here.