Tom Horton Wedding GoPro Video

Anyone who has ever shot a wedding as a primary, or even a second, photographer knows that it’s a unique experience full of surprises, logistics, and lots and lots of walking. Photographer Tom Harmon mounted a GoPro camera to the top of his main camera to capture the day in real time from his camera’s point of view.

The edited video skips around quite a bit, opting to hit the high points and cut out some of the more tedious bits, but it does an awesome job of including specific details as well as the resulting photos that came from each segment of the wedding shoot.

Obviously there are limitations in shooting an entire day of video, but some key elements of photographing a wedding don’t show up here—like the time spent setting up the off-camera flashes in the barn for the reception or eating two Clif bars mashed together as quickly as possible so you can keep shooting (though, that one may be specific to my wedding process).

I would actually like to give this a try myself and see what one of my days looks like behind the camera.

From: Shutterbig via Peta Pixel