Happy Friday. We’re here with another fresh batch of reader-submitted images to close out the week. Today’s gallery features not one but two epic portraits, a quintet of majestic birds in flight, a long exposure of an urban street scene, a dystopian-looking architectural study, and a couple of awesome landscape shots.

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Lead image by Anthony Green. See more of Anthony’s work here.

Massachusetts coast

A loan person makes their way through a dark landscape with a flashlight and a sky full of stars.
See more of Tejus’ work here. Tejus Shah

This super-cool nighttime landscape was captured by Tejus Shah on the Massachusetts coast, presumably far away from a major city. The loan silhouetted subject, flashlight in hand, adds a serious sense of adventure to this 15-second long exposure. And that starry sky looks just incredible.

Springtime portrait

A women dressed in pink poses for a photo in front of a cherry blossoms
See more of Flickr user, 77 Percent’s work here. 77 Percent

Nothing says spring like cherry blossoms! And this endearing portrait, capture by Flickr user 77 Percent, definitely leans into the springtime vibe. I especially like the out-of-focus flowers in the foreground, they add a nice sense of depth to this shot.

Underground at dusk

A long exposure taken outside a London tube station at dusk.
See more of Davide’s work here. Davide Gabino

I love long exposure photography and this urban scene, captured by Davide Gabino, is a good example of slowing things down to make something cool. Compositionally, this is an interesting photo even without the use of a 1/1.2-second shutter speed. But that blurred double-decker bus and shadowy figure descending the stairs make this image all the more interesting.

Ballet of the birds

Five seagull's suspended in flight.
See more of Kim’s work here. Kim Reese

We see a lot of photos of birds in flight here at PopPhoto, but this one, captured by Kim Reese, is something special. These majestic snow geese are so perfectly frozen in the air, it’s almost as if they’re suspended from a string and hung just right. Between that and the epic lighting, I could almost mistake this photo for an oil painting or a display at the Natural History Museum.

Architecture study

The inside of a hotel with repeating balconies.
See more of Thanks for 3.8M views!’s work here. Flickr user Thanks for 3.8M views!

This architectural study, snapped by Flickr user Thanks for 3.8M views! at the Hyatt Embarcadero Hotel in San Francisco, struck me as intriguingly dystopian. And I mean that in the best way. The repeating geometric shapes and color palette give off strong Stanely Kubrick, 2001 a Space Odessy, vibes.

Postcard from the Italian Alps

A photo of the snowy Italian Alps.
See more of Rudiescu’s work here. Rudiescu

Finally, we have this gorgeous landscape photo captured by Rudiescu showing Jôf di Montasio in the Italian Alps. This one would work particularly well as a postcard or even as a large print—the amount of depth captured is seriously mind-blowing. And it’s the perfect shot to send us all off into the weekend. Until next time!