Three months after debuting shimmering NFTs on Instagram, Meta is making Facebook the next place to show off your digital collectibles. The social media behemoth announced that the feature is now available on both platforms through the connection of a digital wallet. Facebook NFTs, here we come!

Sharing a Facebook NFT

The process for posting your digital swag hasn’t changed from the feature’s original launch on Instagram. According to Meta, the parent company of both platforms, once a digital wallet is connected to your Facebook account, users will see the option to share an NFT, as well as a toggle for cross-platform posting.

So, what does an NFT look like on Facebook? A Meta blog post explains, “Once a creator or collector posts a digital collectible, it will have a shimmer effect and can display public information, such as a description of the NFT. Posts will also be visible on their profile.”

Need a refresher on NFTs? Read this handy explainer from our pals at PopSci.

By connecting a digital wallet, users can now share NFTs on Facebook, in addition to Instagram. Meta

Are Facebook NFTs here to stay?

Since Meta debuted its NFT feature on Instagram back in May, access to it has been expanded to 100 countries. Meta has also added support for the digital wallets Coinbase and Dapper, plus the blockchain, Flow. In May, the company announced that the Solana blockchain would also be added, but the details have yet to materialize. 

In addition to pushing NFTs, Meta has also reportedly spent more than $10 billion turning its virtual “metaverse” into a reality. Of course, monetizing digital collectibles is a key element of this futuristic vision. “With the incredible opportunity of blockchain technology, they can now leverage new tools to earn income, and fans can support their favorite creators by purchasing digital collectibles—art, images, and videos, music or trading cards—as non-fungible tokens (NFTs),” the same Meta blog post reads.

Ultimately, summer was a rough stretch for NFT enthusiasts—Bitcoin in particular is down 68% from its peak. And Meta didn’t fare much better. Will this announcement help turn things around? We won’t speculate. But it sure is a fascinating time to be a digital creator.