Embarrassing first instagram posts

Earlier today, I came across this post from Transworld Surfing about how bad surfers used to be at Instagram. I couldn’t help but be curious about my own early days in Instagram, so I went back to my very first post to see just how entrenched those gaudy filters and awful borders really were. Here is the result.

The editing is horrible, but it doesn’t help that it was taken in awful light. The subject matter isn’t very exciting, and that border….why? But, one thing I did realize while scrolling back through my archive is how much I enjoyed taking that trip through my photos. That’s not something I do all that often and I found a lot of images that I had otherwise forgotten about. It’s like watching my kids get younger, watching me gain a little weight (yes, I said a little), and seeing a lot of cool T-shirts I have since lost somehow.

I’m tremendously glad that Instagram has toned down the borders and the filters from the early days. They look insanely dated now.

So, for today’s open post, we’re asking you to dig through your archive and pull out the very first photo you posted to Instagram. If you don’t have Instagram, that’s cool, you can feel free to post a condescending comment about it on this post.

Here are a few of the first Instagram posts from other Popular Photography staffers. No one’s first post was a selfie or a meal. We’re pretty proud of that.