Google Image Search Hacked

By now, you know that doing a Google Image Search can be something of a gamble. Sometimes you get what you’re looking for and other times you get, well, pretty much anything. This morning, however, things got even more interesting when a rather large number of users started reporting that their search results were turning up tons of images of a Russian car crash, no matter what the search terms were.

The bug has been reported across a variety of social media and news sites, but Google has yet to comment on why it was happening.

Some people wonder if the service has been hacked or if someone figured out a way to manipulate the results that show up on the page. While Google Image Search can often be a source of frustration for photographers (it’s a common method for others to pull down images that they don’t own and have no interest in licensing), but it does play an important part of the Google algorithm when it comes to figuring out things like site search placement.

Have any of you hit the bug? Did you see the Russian car accident or something else?