focus mask

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Adobe’s big Creative Cloud event on June 18th is bound to show us some pretty exciting new features, but Adobe is already whetting our appetites by putting out a video teasing a new feature called Focus Mask.

Focus Mask will generate a layer mask based on areas of the image that are in focus, which means you can easily separate areas that are sharp from background blur, and tweak each to your heart’s content. It’ll obviously work best when you have a specific object that’s in focus and an area that’s out of focus, rather than having a large object covering the entire depth of field. You can see how Focus Mask will work in the video below.

Unfortunately, we’re willing to bet Adobe Photoshop CS6 aren’t going to be able to join in the fun.

This is just a hint of what Adobe has in store, so we’re excited to see what other features will be rolled out to Adobe CC at the June 18th event.

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