shutterfly perfect photo

Shutterfly wants you to take better photos. In fact, Shutterfly wants you to take “the perfect photo”, and has set up a website to show you how to do just that.

“How To Take The Perfect Photo” is a section on Shutterfly’s site that offers tips on how to shoot some of the most common image types, with specific tips for DSLRs, smartphones and point-and-shoots. Each camera type has sections for portraits, selfie, bokeh, macro, action shots, close up, wide angle, food, candid, by the water, landscape and panorama.

Since shooting each of those situations is different with those three different camera types, the tips vary. So what Shutterfly suggests for shooting macro on a DSLR is very different from what it suggests for shooting macro on a smartphone.

Much of what the site offers is fairly basic stuff—when to open your aperture up, some basic composing tips, hints on how to capture just the right moment of a candid. But for someone just starting out, it could be a useful resource, and help them get into shooting types of photography that they might otherwise be afraid to try.

So next time someone asks you how they should best take food photos with their point-and-shoot, just send them this link, and maybe their photography will improve for it.

[via PetaPixel, Lifehacker]