zebrafish embryo
False-coloured scanning electron micrograph of a zebrafish embryo. Photograph: Annie Cavanagh & David McCarthy.

Every year the Wellcome Library holds the Wellcome Image Awards, honoring the best scientific imagery of the year. The images come from scanners, photographs, x-rays, and all other manner of imaging device, to create one of the most diverse awards we’ve ever seen.

Unfortunately, the Wellcome Image Awards homepage is currently down, but you can see this year’s winning images at a number of other locations. But if you want to know a bit more about them, io9 has talked to a number of the researchers behind the photos. For instance, below is an image of kidney stone, taken by Kevin Mackenzie of the University of Aberdeen.


Here’s how Mackenzie describes the image:

For more of these behind the scenes glimpses, check out the original article.