blurb to amazon

Photographers with an eye towards self-publishing now have a much easier way of making their work available to the largest audience in the world: Amazon. The online retail megagiant has paired with book printers Blurb in a venture to get your self-published photo books on sale.

Amazon has long offered ways for people to publish their own text works, both digitally and in actual print, but this marks a move into a more photographic space. With the Blurb combo, you set whatever price you want for your photo book. From each sale, Amazon then takes a 15% cut, Blurb pays for printing, and then a processing fee of $1-$5. The remainder is paid out to you on a monthly basis, via check or PayPal.

For now, Blurb is saying “Enrollment in Blurb to Amazon is free for a limited time”, though so there may be extra fees that pop up in the not too distant future. You can also sell directly on Blurb’s online shop, and while you might not reach the huge potential Amazon customer base, then you won’t have to deal with Amazon taking a cut, either.

If you’ve ever wanted to put together a photo book to try and sell, this might the easiest way to get it out into the general public, without having to having to go through a publisher, or fill your garage with copies to sell by hand.

[via Telegraph]