Alien Skin Announces Exposure 6 Plugin

Starting in June, a new generation of Alien Exposure's analog-emulating software will be available

alien skin exposure 6

alien skin exposure 6

© Cliff Mautner

Alien Skin Software has now announced that Exposure 6 will be launching in June, further refining the analog-replicating plugin set. Alongside interface and speed tweaks, Alien Skin has also added in the ability to replicate bokeh, giving you the look and feel of wide open aperture even if you were shooting on the sunniest day imaginable.

Exposure 6 features an updated imaging processing engine, which should allow for files to be opened and edited faster than they were before. The interface has been tweaked and streamlined, including a new basic control panel. Users can also create and share their own borders, textures, and lighting effects.

Alien Skin has also teamed up wtih photographers Parker J Pfister and Jeff Ascough to tweak a number of other parts of the program:

For Exposure 6, we consulted with industry-leading photographers Parker J Pfister and Jeff Ascough in order to get their insight to make the software as useful as possible for everyone from hobbyists right up to working photographers. A lot of subtle features like the new dark grey background and list view of presets came as a result of their input.

With regard to effects, Parker also worked with us to supply two new sets of vintage borders and film frames from his extensive archive and we have added a good number of our own along with a whole host of brand new light effects.

Exposure 6 will launch in June for $149. Owners of any previous version of Exposure will get upgrade pricing of $69, and if you picked up Exposure 5 in March 2014 or later, you'll get the new edition for free. You can see more examples of images edited with the plugin on the Alien Skin blog.