photojojo portfolio

Photojojo’s ongoing quest to make the most adorable photo-related content has continued unabated with a new guide on how to make a tiny little photo portfolio. At just 3×2 inches, it’s tiny enough to pack away into any pocket, and while rather labor intensive, would make a very impressive take on a business card.

The tutorial itself isn’t anything too surprising. You scale the image down to the appropriate size, cut off the excess paper, and tape them together. Then, make yourself a cover out of some matboard, and add more tape and some graphical flourishes, and call it done!

But, if you wanted to get a bit more advanced, there are a few tweaks we’d make to this DIY. Firstly, the Photojojo version prints one tiny image on the center of a full piece of 8×11 paper, wasting the rest of it. At the very least, you’d want to try and add as many images as you could fit on a single page to cut down on the waste.

If you’re particularly good with Photoshop and making it play well with your printer, you could actually take a page from the ‘zine days of yore, and print to a layout that requires much less assembly and cutting—using just a single piece of paper and some mad craft skills.

But no matter how you put it together, we’re sure that anyone you hand this itty-bitty portfolio to will be impressed. Just make sure to pick images that’ll look good when scaled down like that.