lightroom analytics

Ever wondered which aperture you use the most on your favorite lens? What shutter speed you rely on? What editing tools you use the most? Lightroom Analytics is a fascinating free plugin that crunches the numbers on as much (or as little) of your Lightroom library as you want, and produces a detailed, and easy to understand, analysis of the images.

The plugin analyzes the metadata of your library, and spits out the information as both a .csv and a .json file, the latter of which you can use a free viewer to look at the numbers. Or, if you’re a spreadsheet wizard, we’re sure you can use the .csv for some deeper statistical analyses.

But for most of us, the standard report will provide a fascinating look at not just our shooting habits (I already knew I was addicted to my 35mm f/1.8), but also how we edit the files in Lightroom. It shows a number of the common adjustments, and how you used them across your library.

It’s a fascinating way to reflect on the way you use both your camera and Lightroom, and if you give it enough time, it seems to be able to crunch through a truly absurd amount of data.

If you give it a try, let us know what you found out! Any unexpected results in your Lightroom library?

[via Reddit]