scratchi it valentines

Valentine’s Day is worryingly near, just a couple of days away—invoking in many a mad scramble to get something together in time that’s better than drug-store candy and cards. But if you have some basic supplies around, you could make a charming DIY Valentine’s Day card that’s far better and more personal than anything you’re likely to buy.

This guide comes via Brit Morin‘s tutorial on how to make your own scratch-off paint. It’s a simple mix of two parts acrylic paint to one part dish soap. Paint it over anything you want covered, leave it to dry, and repeat as necessary.

Brit demonstrates using the scratch paint on a normal Valentine’s Day card, but also on a Polaroid, with the words “scratch me” written below. Now, we’re pretty sure this would work with a normal photo print too, but the white space at the bottom of an instant camera print does make for a perfectly places area to write a message.

So if you have a particularly cute image of you and your chosen partner floating around, and you need a quick and cute Valentine’s Day card, just grab some paint, and you’re good to go.

[via Lomography]