lion camera

Photographer Chris McLennan was running one of his photo tours in Botswana, when he opted to load up a Nikon D800E in a hard shell, and put it on a remote control buggy to go visit a nearby pride of lions. With an 18-35mm lens on the front, he drove it up to the resting animals, and starting taking photos. But, as anyone with a pet feline will tell you, a slowly rolling toy car is exactly the sort of thing that would make an excellent cat toy.

As you might expect, the lions took a quick interest in the buggy, batting it, chewing it, and one grabbing it and running away. And McLennan kept snapping the entire time.

While the buggy didn’t survive the experience, the camera did (it seems to be a pretty good shell he has it encased in). And the images? Well, they speak for themselves. And that’s as close as you’ll ever want to get to a group of lions that are looking at you like a chew toy.