sam hurd prism
Sam Hurd

Wedding photographer Sam Hurd has revealed a technique that he uses to create some pretty incredible images. He’s dubbed the method “prisming”, and involves holding a long, thin, triangular prism up to a prime lens in order to control diffraction, and cause some pretty spectacular effects.

Hurd has uploaded a number of the images that he’s shot through the prism, and it’s quite impressive the variety of effects he’s managed to coax out of a $12 piece of glass. From the incredible diffraction of the second photo in the post, through artificial rainbows, reflecting other areas of the scene over the field-of-view, and bizarre and wonderful lens flares. Some of the resulting images do look a bit chintzy, but on the whole they’re very well done. And it’s even cheaper than a Lensbaby.

Hurd emphasizes that the real trick is spending enough time with the hardware to discover its nuances:

It might just be time to go and rummage through a junk drawer or two, to see what I can dig up.

[via Reddit]