NASA has just released a series 75 absolutely incredible satellite photos of the planet as a book titled “Earth as Art”. Available either in print, or free in various digital forms, it’s a stunning look at our planet from above.

The book is 158 pages long, and features images from a number of satellites, including Landsat 5 and 7, Terra, Aqua, and Earth Observing-1 (EO-1). Since the these satellites are packed with sensors that can detect features outside of the human range of sight, some are color corrected to display new information.

The book has been released as a free PDF or iPad app, but if you want the full-on coffee table version, it’ll set you back $44.

While NASA is behind this release, the images originally come from the US Geological Survey, and you can see more of their photos from here. They’re actually up to the third collection of “Earth as Art” images, which are all available for download.

[via io9]