The Impossible Project To Start Selling 8×10 Large Format Instant Film

You definitely shouldn't shake these giant Polaroids

The large format film photography community is a relatively small, but very dedicated one. Smaller still is the subset that shoots instant Polaroid-style sheets. But, that group will surely be happy to hear about today’s Impossible Project announcement.

Starting at the end of the month, they’ll be selling packs of their PQ 8×10 instant film with 10 exposures for $189. It’s certainly not cheap, but this kind of picture-taking never has been and that’s part of its allure.

Polaroid introduced their 8×10 stock in 1973, but it has since been discontinued. The new version works with all the original equipment, however, so if you happen to have a large-format camera with a full Polaroid back and processor, you’re in luck. If not, you can still pick one up on eBay for under $100.

The Impossible Project will be showing work shot on their new stock at their art space this month to celebrate.

Again, this is an extremely niche product, but it’s the kind of thing that helps keep photography as dynamic and interesting as ever.

Photo by Adam Goldberg

As they love to do, the Impossible Project has once again brought another lost photography material back from the dead. Their new 8×10 instant film will be available at the end of this month and to celebrate they had some wonderful photographers shoot with it. Here are some of the shots.

Photo by Bill Phelps

Photo by Chloe Aftel

Photo by Melanie McDaniel

Photo by Nicholas Misciagna

Photo by Rommel Pescon

Photo by Thom Jackson

Photo by Tim Mantaoni