In a stroke of marketing genius far greater than re-appropriating Janis Joplin’s anti-establishment anthem, Mercedes has turned their newest car invisible in order to promote it. The idea is that the hydrogen Fuel Cell-powered vehicle produces 0.0 emissions, making it “invisible” to the environment.

To achieve the effect, they covered one side of the car in mats laden with LEDs and mounted a Canon 5D Mark II on the other side. They set the DSLR to shoot video and displayed the camera’s live view on the other side of the car on the giant LED screen, making it look like the car was wearing an invisible cloak (well at least on one side).

It’s not the first time the trick has been done of course, but it’s cool to see a DSLR pulling it off, and if the promotional video (below) is to be believed, it certainly caught the attention of people on the street. Although driving a car draped in an invisibility cloak can’t be too safe.

Via. Photoxels