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When trade shows come around, companies often like to take their new products and blow them apart, separating the pieces and displaying them in glass cases so people can get a feel for how much complicated equipment goes into even the smallest piece of gear.

This year’s CES was no different. And while there weren’t a ton of blown-up gadgets to see, there are a couple nifty ones including the naked-metal body of Nikon’s new D4, a Panasonic G1X a Sony NEX-7 and more. Click through the gallery to see them all in their giant-sized glory.

CES 2012 Guts

CES 2012 Guts

Caon EF 28-300 F.3.5-5.6L IS USM There’s a lot going on inside of a super-zoom lens like this one, especially when you throw IS into the equation. In this clean cut of a Canon lens, you can see both the IS unit and the motor, which powers the focusing.
Nikon D4 We already got a short look at the naked metal chassis inside the D4, but here’s a back view. As you can see, the whole thing is reinfoced with metal. Picking up the chassis is actually a little surprising because it’s so light.
Panasonic Lumix GX1 Take a look inside Panasonic’s more powerful ILC. Stuff like this makes it easy to see why cutting even small amounts of bulk from already-tiny cameras can be really tricky.
This is a collection of IS units that exist inside Canon lenses. IS has started to become something we just assume we’ll have, which is why it’s sometimes important to remember just how complex it is.
Sony NEX-7 It’s even more packed inside Sony’s very impressive ILC than it is inside the Panasonic you just saw. The bigger sensor alone takes up more space and determines the design of the camera.
A partial look inside A77. This image focuses on the translucent mirror, but also includes their HD sensor.