Man Replaces Sony A55 Translucent Mirror With Plastic Wrap

While waiting for a replacement for a damaged mirror, this man made a temporary fix out of plastic wrap

Sony a55 plastic

Sony a55 plastic

This incredible story of DIY skill comes to us from SonyAlphaRumors, where a reader accidentally damaged his Sony A55's pellicle mirror by using Eclipse cleaning fluid. While waiting for a replacement, he hacked together a temporary fix, and found that wrapping it in plastic wrap worked well enough for the autofocus feature to function:

Long story short, food wrap (!) works just almost like the Sony’s mirror: sometimes the AF guesses a little, but most of the time is perfect, and It’s a lot more transparent, so I really don’t get what sony tries to sell us with their 70€ Hi-Tech mirror…

However, food wrap it’s a bit opaque, so the pictures have a slightly soft-focus effect when a bright light hits it. In the next days I’ll try other transparent films: expecially I want to try the plastic protective film for cellphones, I think it’s gonna be a perfect alternative for those who don’t need 100% AF accuracy (although I think it’s almost the same) and improved ISO performance.

I'd be reluctant to consider this a permanent fix — if nothing else because the plastic wrap will doubtless warp pretty quickly. But for a short-term hack until a real replacement lands in your mailbox? Why not? And maybe this will mean the start of the next Lomo craze, replacing your mirror with other materials to create a slightly soft focus and interesting flares.