This Nikon D3 DSLR Halloween Costume Actually Works

If you usually hide behind your camera at Halloween parties, this year you might try hiding inside of one

DSLR costume main

DSLR costume main

I don't like to post a lot of cutesy, camera-shaped stuff here on -- there are other sites out there if you're into cakes and pillows that look like DSLRs. But, this fully-functioning DSLR costume is one of the coolest things I've seen in quite some time.

Card-carrying camera nerd Tyler Card built the body of his killer camera costume out of cardboard and a five gallon bucket. Then, he built a normal-sized Nikon DSLR and a flash into it, using a remote shutter cable so he can actually walk around taking pictures. Perhaps the coolest part is that the resulting images are then displayed on the back of the costume, using a hacked laptop LCD screen.

If you watch the making of video, you can see some of the resulting photos and they're pretty fantastic. According to his Tumblr, it even has a wireless trigger inside so he can set off strobes. Now all he needs is a buddy dressed as a laptop with a huge, working version of Lightroom to let him process the images on the fly.

Thanks to his roomate, @adamichael on Twitter for the tip!