american photo site announcement

Our photography-obsessed sister publication, American Photo, has been hard at work on a brand new website that’s now live and ready to entertain and inform your eyeballs. Here’s a brief description of what they hope to accomplish with their new home:

It is American Photo’s mission—both in print and here on our brand new website—to be a guide to this truly exceptional and at times overwhelming moment. We’ll be showcasing incredible work as well as guiding you toward where to find it yourself. We’ll be looking at the unexpected ways photography wields its power today, and looking back to see how it was done in the past. It’s a truly exciting time for photography on the web, and we hope you join us as we jump right into it here every day.

Take a few minutes to click around the site and check out some of the amazing work they’re featuring. If you want more, you can also follow them on Twitter or Like them on Facebook.