London jumper
Amy Weston/

Out of all the photographs taken during the riots spreading across Britain, the most iconic so far has been by Amy Weston of WENN who captured a dramatic leap of a woman from her first floor apartment. The image is so expertly captured that accusations of Photoshop enhancement were soon flung, but it was simply a matter of the right place at the right time.

The shot was taken in Croydon, and Weston gravitated towards the scene when she heard the woman scream. Talking to the Guardian, Weston said:

The photo quickly spread through the news outlets, making the front page of a number of major papers like the Guardian, Times, Sun, Daily Mirror and Daily Telegraph.

But what about the woman? She’s 32-year old Monika Konczyk, a shop assistant and originally from Poland and has only been in the UK for a handful of months. Thankfully she’s now safe and staying with her sister, but is reportedly having trouble recovering from the trauma of the incident.

[via Iconic Photos]