space shuttle

360VR Images recording an incredible panorama of the inside of the Discovery for website the Last Shuttle. The Discovery is the recently decommissioned NASA shuttle, which flew 39 successful missions during its operational lifespan from 1984-2011. Now retired, it’s going through a lengthy decontamination process before being given to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum for public display.

The panorama was shot by Jook Leung, and shows the cramped and jam-packed cockpit of the Discovery, with more controls, dials and switches than I can possibly imagine — and one lonely Dell laptop. The seats do look remarkably uncomfortable, but if you’re in microgravity most of the time, it probably doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, the panorama isn’t quite high enough resolution to make out what all the controls read, but you can understand a couple of them if you squint hard enough.

Even if you’re not a space buff, you have to appreciate how much of a pain it probably was to get a complete image in such a tiny area.

[via Reddit]