Pentax Announces 25mm f/4 lens for 645D Medium Format System

Available in April, this lens will run you about 5K.

Pentax announced the much-anticipated companion lens for it 645D medium format camera in the form of a 25mm f/4 AL [IF] SDM AW (19mm 35mm equivalent). The 25mm joins Pentax’s 55mm f/2.8 [IF] SDM AW lens, as one of the only two pieces of glass made specifically for this digital medium format system.

The lens features Pentax’s Quick Shift Focus system for easily switching between manual and automatic focusing, as well as an Aero Bright Coating to cut down on lens flare.

Also, keeping with Pentax’s tradition of ruggedizing its products, the 25mm f/4 lens is both dustproof, weather-resistant. It will be available in April for a hefty price tag of $4999.95.

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