When we first saw Etsy seller Engrained’s handmade pinhole camera, it instantly made us think back to those carefree days spent sitting in our high school Photo 101 class.

So what better way to capture some of that nostalgia of simpler times than a handcrafted pinhole camera, made from a 1920’s hardcover copy of “The Man in the Forest?” Well, you could save the $210.00, plus shipping and get yourself a Quacker Oats can, but that’s no fun is it?

Engrained’s camera features a magnetic shutter that is made of leather and wood. It is topped off with ebony and pearl knobs for winding standard 35mm film. Included with your purchase are instructions for operating, loading, winding and properly exposing an image with this unique camera.

Head over to for more information and photos of this one of a kind pinhole, but you better move quick, because there is only one of these bad boys available!