iPad Photoshoot from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

There’s no denying that the iPad can be an incredibly useful tool for photographers. Who wouldn’t want a device that allows them to carry around a whole portfolio of images and play Angry Birds. But photographer, Jesse Rosten, decided to harness the power of the iPad’s screen and use it as studio lighting.

The project consisted of nine iPads mounted to boards to be used as a makeshift “beauty dish” and kicker lights. The screens displayed pure white images and were cranked up to maximum brightness. Even with all of the Pads maxed out, though, the video still suggests that Rosten needs to shoot wide open at f/1.2 with an ISO of 800.

The first thought that has surely popped into your head is that you can get some serious lighting firepower for the cost of 9 iPads ($4500 at least before tax). But, that’s hardly the point with demonstrations like this. Remember when Lee Morris used an iPhone and a serious lighting rig to make a couple of interesting portraits? It’s a lot like that.

While setting up a rig like this certainly isn’t practical, the idea of using the iPad as a light source in a pinch isn’t totally outrageous. In fact, there’s certainly some potential for cool light painting projects. But, people love wacky experiments with Apple products. Maybe next we’ll see an iPad softbox attachment. Or maybe Apple can start packaging an iPhone and an iPad together and marketing it as a portable photo studio.

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