We had the pleasure of stopping by the School of Visual Arts Masters in Professional Studies thesis show here in New York last week. The caliber and diversity of the work featured in the event was overwhelming.

Work ranged from photojournalism, like John M. Donich’s images of public school entranceways in New York and Candace Dobro’s images of bedrooms, to more commercially oriented images like Yulia Gorbachenko’s colorful fashion photographs and Sungwook Kim’s basketball images. On the more abstract side, Giselle Behrens’ composites on the subject of femininity were very moving, as was Raissa Venables’ large-format abstract interior image that headlined the show.

It is always refreshing to see the work of students, especially students at the graduate level. Below are some images from the opening. While we cannot go through the work of every photographer who appeared in the show, you can click HERE for the virtual catalogue.


Raissa Venables, All That Glitters



_Candace Dobro, As Close As One Can Get__



_Left: Alejandra Regalado, In Reference To…. Background: Stacy Swiderski, Suburban Nights___


Alejandra Regalado, In Reference To